Testing MAN TGS, Mercedes Axor, Scania G, and Volvo FM

Saving around 10,000 €, lower fuel consumption, more payload—models such as the MAN TGS, Mercedes Axor, Scania G and Volvo FM offer a lot of truck in comparison to their larger siblings, and they make the hearts of shippers and movers beat faster. This was enough reason for lastauto omnibus and FERNFAHRER magazines to take …

Scania R 480: Lower Price for Euro-5

The Scania R 480 is available with the engine options Euro-5 and Euro-6. Some time ago, the magazines lastauto omnibus and FERNFAHRER took the trouble to test which standard is cheaper for carriers. The Euro-6 engine scored surprisingly well regarding fuel consumption; however, this is offset by the extra cost of approx. 12 000 € for a this new tractor. Euro-6 tractors are therefore only cost-effective if they also have significant advantages regarding road toll. It is currently not clear whether there will be a special toll class for Euro-6 engines. And even if this happens, it would have to be a clear difference in the toll per mile for Euro-5 and Euro-6 engines. Experts assume that it would require a difference of at least 6.5 cents/mile (4 cents/km). It therefore may not always be worthwhile to bet on the latest technology.