Better Insulation for Duoplex GFK Cooling Semitrailers

Cooling semitrailers are needed throughout the year, but in summer, they must be able to crank up their performance a notch or two. In early 2012, semitrailer manufacturer Krone launched a new generation of its Cool-Liner cooling semitrailers. This included the Cool Liner Duoplex GFK with fiberglass-reinforced plastic panels made in Denmark. Duoplex GFK has …

Moving-Floor Trailers by Knapen are Watertight

Knapen Trailers has tested one of its moving-floor trailers for water-tightness. 3175 gallons (12 000 liters) of water was pumped into the vehicle to put it to the test. The purpose of the test was to show that not a single drop of water would escape from the semitrailer.

The tested model was a fully leak-proof semitrailer that was part of a series of Knapen trailers for transporting wet waste that must not come into contact with the road surface, due to the strict legal regulations. This includes slaughterhouse waste, batteries, and sewage sludge. Has the trailer passed the test? Look for yourself!