Quick Recovery of Online Demand for Commercial Vehicles during Corona Crisis

Recovery in Online Demand for Commercial Vehicles follows V-Shape Not all Vehicle Segments are equally affected  Rapid Demand Recovery on TruckScout24 Number of Online-Offers on TruckScout24 increases In the past few weeks, the current Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented market turbulences and exceptional social situations, which can be observed in public barometers of the …

bauma 2016 in München: Superlative for heavy machinery

Bauma in Munich, the industry leader among trade fairs for construction machinery, excavators, agricultural machinery etc., ended a week ago. And again, it impressed the experts and interested visitors with innovations from the construction and mining industries. Altogether 3,423 exhibitors presented themselves and their exhibits to about 580,000 visitors from 200 countries.

Great enthusiasm among exhibitors – many visitors from the industry

Also the resume of the exhibitors is very positive: experts came from all over the world with high interest. That is why the bauma is – in addition to the record numbers of exhibitors, size, number of visitors – especially in business transactions at the top. “The willingness to invest has exceeded all expectations this year”, says, for example, Stefan Heissler, member of the board of Liebherr-International AG.

Platform for innovations

The bauma is not only a meeting point for the industry; it is also a platform for the companies to present their innovations. E.g. Wacker Neuson introduced their zero-tail-excavators, so no tail overhang for tight and inaccessible construction sites.

Also a trend is compact machines which ensure a high efficiency despite weight savings because of their special design. More and more automated controls and assistance systems are implemented in construction machines to avoid unnecessary over-excavation and increase efficiency.

Also the team of TruckScout24 has visited the bauma 2016, to learn about the newest trends and of course, to look at the impressive heavy machines of the mining industry …

Impressions can be found here in the gallery



Export Iran – Growth market for commercial vehicles

The (recent) suspension of international trade sanctions against Iran are opening up new opportunities for the German export industry. The commercial vehicle industry will benefit from this development. In order for Iran to gain new economic momentum and to overcome the ten-year investment backlog, the industry requires a great number of commercial vehicles, trucks, and …

Detailed Preparation of Utility-Vehicle Exports to Russia

Export to Russia has its pitfalls—even though the country is a member of the WTO. Instead of reducing tariffs, Russia makes access to the market of the Russian Federation increasingly difficult by adding new regulations and fees. Markt und Mittelstand magazine (Market and Medium-Sized Companies) recommends to keep five points in mind when exporting to …

Electronics for Utility Vehicle Maintenance Gaining in Importance

Utility vehicle maintenance was fundamentally changed by electronic systems. Service technicians still know engines, brake systems, transmissions or hydraulic systems, but they are now trained mechatronics technicians and no longer “just” mechanics. The job title is derived from the field of mechatronics, a combination of mechanics, electrics, and electronics, supplemented by control and information technology. …