DAF CF 85.410: Comfortably through the Construction Site

DAF CF 85.410: Comfortably through the Construction Site

More than two years ago, the experts from lastauto omnibus magazine thoroughly tested the DAF CF 85.410 dump truck. They found some good sides of the Dutch truck. The roof-mounted handrail was mentioned in this context, as were the lateral running board on the driver’s cab and the massive rubber straps hanging from the first step of the cab access. The CF dump truck, then the only four-axle truck besides the Mercedes Actros, arrived with mechanical front-axle load compensation.

However, the Dutch truck did not have three-part bumpers. The testers also complained about the generous distance of 2005 mm (approx. 79 inches) between the centers of the two steering axles. The design allows for a total weight of 36 tons in the Netherlands, but it only wastes space between the second and the third axles in Germany, so that the Adblue and the 330-liter (87-gallon-) tank cannot fit onto the same side of the vehicle, in spite of an overall wheelbase of 5 050 mm (199 inches).

Good Driving Comfort for the DAF CF 85.410

The axle base, however, benefits the driving comfort of the DAF CF 85.410, causing the testers to talk about a “sedan-chair-like” driving sensation. The tuned chassis of the CF 85.410 four-axle truck, whose rear axle is suspended by cincfoil parabolic springs, was rated as flawless without any reservations.

lastauto omnibus also praised the XM 300 in-line six-cylinder engine of the DAF CF 85.410. The powerful engine always ensures that truck was always propelled quickly. The ZF AS-Tronic automatic transmission installed in the test truck generally provided competent handling of the gears and made most manual intervention superfluous. Only tight hairpin bends on steep hills sometimes brought the transmission out of step. The all-terrain mode of the DAF CF 85.410 further required generous application of the accelerator pedal.

The Automatic Transmission Sometimes Misjudges the Situation

The experts at lastauto omnibus further stated that the electronic system in all-terrain mode sometimes misjudges the situation and continues to idle instead of shifting into first. Faster recognition of the situation and faster gear-shifting, in particular, would therefore be useful.

Still, the DAF CF 85.410 made a good overall impression on the experts. The small Day Cab driver’s cab also pleased the testers, although the interior materials are more geared towards utility than elegance, and all processes have to be performed in rather a tight cockpit. The empty weight of the DAF CF 85.410 with steel rims and 315/80 R 22.5 tires is 10.5 tons. This is a standard value for a four-axle truck with a total weight of 36 tons and indicates a robust structure.

The overall evaluation of the testers was as follows: “Slim, slightly rustic cab, moderate overload tolerance, as well as high driving comfort and good driving performance. Customers who are looking for this will get their money‘s worth with the CF 85.410 DAF dump truck.