Retread tyres are environmentally friendly

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With the Recamic Multiway D, Michelin is offering a new running surface for retread tyres. The expert portal has reported on this.

According to Michelin, it is available from September from certified Recamic specialists for tyre sizes 315/80 R 22.5 and 315/70 R 22.5. Michelin says that the new tread increases the performance of retread tyres in terms of the number of kilometres they will cover. Adhesion and traction should remain the same over the entire lifespan. Additional ribs also increase adhesion on wet surfaces, according to Michelin.

A plus for the environment: retread tyres use 70 percent less raw material

According to Michelin, Recamic treads benefit from the latest technology and innovations of the Michelin group. This also applies to the Recamic Multiway D. The tread uses three patented Michelin technologies. This maintains the performance of the tread over the entire lifespan of the tyres.

In addition, Recamic protects the environment: according to Michelin, a tyre retread requires up to 70 percent less raw material than one produced from new. And fewer used tyres are discarded.