New Mercedes-Benz SLT: Are Pre-Owned Models Getting Cheaper?

The Mercedes-Benz SLT tractor unit is well known among heavy-load haulers, and TruckScout24, too, currently has some Swabian “heavy lifters” in form of used trucks in its program. However, the Swabians are now launching a completely new Mercedes-Benz SLT. It completes the introduction of the Mercedes truck series with Euro-6 engines, according to Mercedes-Benz …

Scania R 480: Lower Price for Euro-5

The Scania R 480 is available with the engine options Euro-5 and Euro-6. Some time ago, the magazines lastauto omnibus and FERNFAHRER took the trouble to test which standard is cheaper for carriers. The Euro-6 engine scored surprisingly well regarding fuel consumption; however, this is offset by the extra cost of approx. 12 000 € for a this new tractor. Euro-6 tractors are therefore only cost-effective if they also have significant advantages regarding road toll. It is currently not clear whether there will be a special toll class for Euro-6 engines. And even if this happens, it would have to be a clear difference in the toll per mile for Euro-5 and Euro-6 engines. Experts assume that it would require a difference of at least 6.5 cents/mile (4 cents/km). It therefore may not always be worthwhile to bet on the latest technology.